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Are you interruptible? Using MissionHub in 2019

Heather was elbow deep in yard work when movement down the street caught her eye. Her neighbor had just stepped out to walk her dogs. Just a few days before, Heather had met with her small group. They took a few minutes to pray about which neighbors they each wanted be intentional with. God brought…

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Does Taking A Step of Faith Have to Be Scary?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “step of faith”? Maybe you imagine talking with a colleague or friend about Jesus for the first time. Perhaps you think about having to relocate your family to a new city because God tells you to. Or perhaps you think of making a significant financial…

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Afraid of failing in sharing your faith? You are not alone.

I’ll be honest with you. I’m never comfortable around other people. I feel awkward and constantly worried, and these feelings go off the charts when discussing Jesus and faith with someone. The stakes feel so high that I end up not doing anything rather than risk failing. If you’ve ever felt like this, then you’re…

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