Demonstrate the Gospel

But What If I’m Tired of Always Initiating?

I love making new friends and gathering people together. It gives me joy. So I often find myself initiating. But a few weeks ago I felt tired and discouraged by always being the person making the first move.   It seemed like invitations from others were at an all-time low. My need to connect was…

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Here’s What You Might Have Missed on the Blog

Inspiration can be a tricky thing. Sometimes I experience moments of inspiration that fail to translate into consistent action or lasting changes in behavior. When that happens I can feel hopeless or guilty. Are you that way too? Maybe at church or Bible study you hear someone say, “I think God’s telling us we need…

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Why Is Demonstrating The Gospel A Community Thing?

On almost any given Sunday in my home you might hear the same conversation. It takes place between me and one of my kids: “But Dad, why do we have to go to church? Why can’t we just stay home this week?” “Well, darling, we go to church to worship God, and to learn about…

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