7 Ways to Pray For A Friend You Focus On

Young lady with hair dyed blue has eyes closed – as if in prayer

What happens when you begin praying for a friend, neighbor or co-worker on a regular basis? Are the effects more visible in that person’s life or in yours? What happens in my life when I pray is that my love, concern, curiosity and engagement with others goes way up. I begin wondering if the friend…

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How Do I Reach Across Ethnic and Racial Barriers?

A black man talks to his white neighbor on a driveway.

Do you remember the only time the Bible records Jesus healing someone in stages? It took two separate actions. And it got kind of messy. I believe this story provides insight into the way people of different races can relate to one another in America today. It suggests steps we can take to reach across…

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Are you interruptible? Using MissionHub in 2019

Heather was elbow deep in yard work when movement down the street caught her eye. Her neighbor had just stepped out to walk her dogs. Just a few days before, Heather had met with her small group. They took a few minutes to pray about which neighbors they each wanted be intentional with. God brought…

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Here’s What You Might Have Missed on the Blog

Inspiration can be a tricky thing. Sometimes I experience moments of inspiration that fail to translate into consistent action or lasting changes in behavior. When that happens I can feel hopeless or guilty. Are you that way too? Maybe at church or Bible study you hear someone say, “I think God’s telling us we need…

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Who Does God Want You To Focus On Loving?

Think about the people in your everyday life — colleagues, friends, neighbors, classmates. How did they come to be part of your life? Some, you’ve chosen. But many are there because of where your life has taken you. Have you ever wondered if the people in your life were put there by God, and if…

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Sick of missing opportunities to take a step of faith?

“So what do you believe?” she asked me. I was having dinner with my new boss for the first time. We had been laughing and telling stories as we got to know one another. I must have made one too many passing references to “my beliefs” because all of a sudden she cornered me. Or that’s how…

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Who do you think you are to talk about Jesus?

Have you ever brought up Jesus in a conversation or in a crowd? Did you feel as if you just dropped a J-bomb? The person across from you stares quizzically. The group of people around you stop their conversation dead in its tracks. Why? Because mentioning Jesus — which they might tie to religion or…

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Afraid of failing in sharing your faith? You are not alone.

I’ll be honest with you. I’m never comfortable around other people. I feel awkward and constantly worried, and these feelings go off the charts when discussing Jesus and faith with someone. The stakes feel so high that I end up not doing anything rather than risk failing. If you’ve ever felt like this, then you’re…

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