So You Want to See God Work? Focus on Someone Different

I’m a black pastor leading a majority white church. This isn’t common. Trust me, I know. I’ve been looking for people in my situation now for years and the list is very small. People in my congregation are often surprised to hear about my negative experiences with authorities. I’ve been followed in certain stores, been…

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How Do I Help People Tell Me Their Story?

So you want to have a conversation about spiritual things with your friend. This is a significant step of faith. But how do you make it a two-way conversation? You’re convinced that telling your personal story is a powerful way to demonstrate the gospel. But how do you get your friend to a place where…

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What Does It Take for Someone to Come to Faith?

A woman stands on an arrow pointing forward

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that we are all about steps. Not the 12,000-a-day kind. But steps of faith that we encourage each other to take with the people we live, work, study or play alongside in our everyday life. If you’ve been a Christian for any amount of time…

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How Do I Reach Across Ethnic and Racial Barriers?

A black man talks to his white neighbor on a driveway.

Do you remember the only time the Bible records Jesus healing someone in stages? It took two separate actions. And it got kind of messy. I believe this story provides insight into the way people of different races can relate to one another in America today. It suggests steps we can take to reach across…

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Are you interruptible? Using MissionHub in 2019

Heather was elbow deep in yard work when movement down the street caught her eye. Her neighbor had just stepped out to walk her dogs. Just a few days before, Heather had met with her small group. They took a few minutes to pray about which neighbors they each wanted be intentional with. God brought…

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But What If I’m Tired of Always Initiating?

I love making new friends and gathering people together. It gives me joy. So I often find myself initiating. But a few weeks ago I felt tired and discouraged by always being the person making the first move.   It seemed like invitations from others were at an all-time low. My need to connect was…

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What If This Is Your Year of Living Neighborly?

An assortment of mail boxes side-by-side

When the religious authorities asked Jesus to reduce everything in the Bible into one command, He answered with two. The first is to love God with everything you have. The second, He said, is to love your neighbor as yourself.   What if He meant that we should love our actual neighbors? You know, the…

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